A giant tongue for "Progress VS regress", Cologne art fair, Cologne, DE
50 years of ART COLOGNE and the avant-garde
Cologne 13.04.16 - 20.04.16

Mortal recordings, la villette,festival 100%, Paris, Fr
Paris 25.03.16 - 10.04.16

Free styling mexico city Mexico city, Mx
All february month, prospecting for opportunities.

Stromboli with OXYDO Collaboration OXYDO by Clemence Seilles.
first series out on the market february 2016.

Mortal cinema for "Economy of Love", Eye film museum, Amsterdam, NL
Amsterdam 31.01.16 - 22.05.16


Mortal recordings, PUNT WG art space, Amsterdam, NL
Amsterdam 25.11.15 - 30.11.15

Paris Internationale art fair, Paris, Fr,
with galerie Torri 20.10--24.10.15

Music salon, first artist in residency at AIRWG, Amsterdam, NL
Amsterdam 01.09.15 - 01.12.15