Clemence Seilles is an artist and a designer, she produces applied and fantastic situations through objects, spaces, performances and autonomous free styling formations. A collaborative approach is characteristic of Clemence’s protocol. She mainly sees herself as a producer and commonly calls artists and designers for their know-how and sensitivity. Among the collaborations we find Andrea Crews, Adrien Missika, Theo demans, Joseph Marzolla, Melanie Bonajo, KruxAmsterdam, Egon Elliut and OXYDO eye-wear. Clemence has activelly taken part in founding the NoisyChronics in 2006, the Dirty Art Department of Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam since 2011, Sanks design label in 2014, the Mortal Recordings since 2015 and design studio since 2016.
She lives between Europe and Mexico city. Her work has been intertionnally exhibited in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, England and USA. She graduates from ESAD Reims in 2006 and Royal College of Art London in Product Design in 2008.