The day after
a cooperation between van Horbourg and Le foyer

The imagination of visions of the future world had always been part of human culture. Since the early twentieth century, the perception of a coming society being determined by technological progress was concentrated in the genre of 'science fiction'. Ever since the 1960ies, the once relatively vague projections of future life become more and more predictable and part of the public and scientific discourse. At the same time, science fiction is established as part of the popular culture mediated by mass media. In the 1970ies, the formerly mostly euphoric visions of the 60ies shift to increasingly pessimistic descriptions of a future world. Facing the possibility of atomic devastation at the peak of cold war as well as conscious of the so-called 'risk society', dystopic apocalyptic visions become increasingly frequent. The group show THE DAY AFTER creates as a spatial environment the idea of a post-apocalyptic world. The three presented artistic positions thereby explore the ambivalence between utopia and dystopia. HR Giger (*1940 CH, lives and works in Zurich), Florian Baumgartner's (*1980 DE, lives and works in Munich) and French artist Clémence Seilles (*1984 FR, lives and works in Berlin).
She is interested in
the interface between art and design. On the one side, her often sculptural works claim functionality and are–as pedestals, lamps or sitting accommodations –part of the exhibition setting, but, on the other side, they impress as independent artistic positions. For THE DAY AFTER,
the artist conceives a scenographic-spatial environment that–in its reduction of a raw materiality
–evokes associations of a post-apocalyptic world. Thereby, the display can be an atelier, an archive and an exhibition space at the same time. In those ambivalences, it entails big narrative potential. Is here an extraterrestrial conservator trying to conserve the heritage of an extinct world? Have the utopist and dystopist visions of the future already become reality?
Zurich, 22.09 - 01.11.2012