Shooting Sources
Is the montage of a fable-picture, out of the elements of the furniture set "authentic sources", articulating attitudes of primitives men in a post-modern environment. The following short novel "The post-modern primitive" is accompanying the pictures.
Photo shoot in collaboration with photographer Robert Bartholot.
- June 2011.

The post-modern primitive.
The day came when the men became work-less, the state offered no more jobs since a long time, the last man to understand these abstract and contradictory motives that drove men of the old world to work, should be so old that he no longer speaks. Maintain offices bothered to put them away, fill books to burn, recording datas on very hard discs, put together walls to pierce doors, paint the wood to become stone, make films to show that we live, we stoped doing it… Then an existential flash occurred, without let-up of that wealth (because it was needed a lot of imagination to complete such works), the men decided to turn this heritage into a huge celebration to their own glory of disaffected quadrupeds. We stripped the interior, we destroyed the clothes, rubbed, scratched, smeared, played, danced, roasted, pressed, laughed, farted ... This light undertaking, devoid of practical sense, opened to the primates that they were, the possibility of the sublime, exponential creative energy that one A4 page did not allow them to achieve.

Thanks to Owen Hoskings, Raoul Zoelner and Clas Ebeling for generous impulsion and help.