Office - Post office
After the office goes present again the modern world we know, made of artificiel, and recomposed industriel materials.
A standard of furniture and objects very much familiar to us, more than normal, a dismal uninspiring set . The human activity to be accomplished in an Office-space stays abstract. The first installation is a prologue for a more enthousiastical and inspiring scenario of an active environment, build from the scraps of the Modern world. The man takes down his environment for creating heating, to turn the office into a workshop (last 3 pictures from Noisychronic workshop with Raoul Zoellner)
Full production credit to the HBC Berlin for Part one
Exhibited on Linienstr. 160- 10115 Berlin
Part one - from the 16.09 to the 30th
Part two - from the 01.10 to the 12th

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