Meteorite is from an unknown origin, and became the worship object of the civilisation who found it, putting us in direct confrontation to the origin of our world and of another.
In all cultures the tree symbolizes life, strength, longevity, beauty, fertility. It accompanies the imagination. It symbolizes the man himself. For contemporary artists, to show the tree is open questioning of the man and his body, the meaning of his life, his relationship to the world.
This exhibition invests the different areas of the College of Bernardine (nave, former sacristy, moats, gardens) and shows works that express the richness and complexity of this subject the strong symbolic power.
Ismaïl Bahri, Jean-Luc Blanc, Michel Blazy, Émilie Benoist, Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus, Jenny Bourassin, Peter Buggenhout, Mark Dion, Anthony Duchêne, Roland Flexner, Thomas Fougeirol, Jochen Gerner, Didier Mencoboni, Anita Molinero, Henrique Oliveira, Jean-Claude, Ruggirello, Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Miron Schmuckle, Séraphine de Senlis, Bruno Serralongue, Elmar Trenkwalder, Donelle Woolford
Exhibition : L'arbre de vie
Paris, 15.02 - 28.07.013
Curated by Gaël Charbau and Alain Berland.