Made in Time
The "Made in Time" project is a performance object. There is the worktable, the tools, the material, the prebuilt elements, the builder ... which together create a scene that produces an object: a stool.
"Made in Time" is about designing the desire to get an object, to create this moment of desire with the performance. It is about how much of an object you really see, including its construction and the person who actually builds it for you on demand. It is always the same stool which is always built following the same plan, the same process, a performance running against time. It is about the training of a practice, as a choregraphy, as a skill to develop, and a physical effort to value.
The first edition was following different timing, short periods and long ones. It was about the quality of an object that increases with the time and effort put into the building it.
The elements used for construction are highly industrial: soft, factory-cut wood and industrial covering tape. Therefore a conflict of techniques: the prepared industrial elements with craft-based way of working.
It is a performance that takes place very occasionally for a special event. Just at this moment, the stools are built on demand. The stool can disappear just as fast as it appeared ... in 8 minutes.
- 2007- 2008

Made in time first performance Made in time first performance Made in time stool 1 Made in time stool 1 Made in time stool 2 Made in time second performance Made in time stool 2 made in time stool made in time stool