Made In Time

"Made in time" looks at 5 projects developed by Clemence Seilles in Royal College of Art from october 2008 to june 2009. This book goes through the drawings, the photographs, the writings and the objects to illustrate all the process from the first mark on paper to the object in a space. This book express the way Clemence chooses to work as a product designer: work on demand, site specific objects for temporary setting. The way the objects are built strongly relate to crafted methods. The designer is also the builder. The object that Clemence Seilles provides goes further than a piece of furniture: the final object is made of different mediums such as the drawings, the photomontages, the objects and this non-material presence of the "silent performance".
The book ends with "the cuckoo method" project: a partnership with Fabien Cappello (product designer), Sarah Gottlieb (graphic designer), Riitta Ikonen (costume maker) and Georgina Wu (film maker, graphic designer). "The cuckoo method" is the wish to use other people skills, to keep moving from a place to another and always renew your own practice.
The general design of the publication as the bespoke typeface T.O.D (Type on Demand) were created by the graphic designers Household. The book was printed using Print On Demand.

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