Last living
Last living is a temporary living capsule that have been build in a vacant office space in South kensington London. This office became the adress of Clemence Seilles for the 2 weeks preceding her final graduation at the RCA. The drawing, the modeling and the construction appeared to shape a living for 2 weeks at this place. It would provide sleeping facilities, lighting, windows, music and working bench shaped by the architectural environment. The whole working process have been thought to always be on going, passing fluently from the drawing tho the modeling, with the use of easy material to let the building going the most spontaneous possible. It could have grew indefinitly, transforming itself, answering to functional as poetical desire for the living.

what do I need?
The time becomes shorter and shorter.
There is two weeks left.
I need to produce, to live, to get to transport, to eat, to think, to sleep, to get planed and so on.
Let's pack it all together to make the object of my living for this small amount of time left.
This is about a moment of life that takes place in once.
This is not about surviving.
- 2008

Last living Last living Last living Last living  Atelier collage preparation drawing