La vie est un songe, Parc Saint Léger, Pougues Les Eaux, Fr (*solo)
Curated by Sandra Patron
Pougues les eaux 16.03 - 26.05.2013

Welcome to a world in which objects overflow and proliferate, a world in which artificial and synthetic commodities parody reality or, at least, our distant memory of it. This world submerges us; it is segmented every which way, without a horizon, without a starry sky, without mountainous masses. We are drawn into a process that wears us out, after chasing the incessant movement of pseudo-novelty for so long. Type some occurrence onto your keyboard and discover the infinite spectacle of the epidemic of things.* Tired of fighting, we end up abandoning the field of thought to the experts, or becoming one of them. The reign of the commodity is here: objects are the new Golden Calf, they float in a world that has been reconverted into a museum, in which humans-turned-tourists “travel restlessly in a denatured world.”**

La vie est un songe sees collaboration with Travis Broussard for the Archive room, Camille Dolibeau for the serie of instruments, Pierre Doze for the content/fiction of the audio-guide, and Emmanuel Tellier for the "voice".

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