La chute, Module, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (*solo)

“La Chute” invites the viewer to envision a hypothetical, speculative future. Stepping into an interrupted scene, the audience is immersed in a spectacle, their surroundings ceding their place to a synthetic décor. Using a primitive, post-apocalyptic language, this universe presents a landscape in which industrial matter has replaced natural matter. In line with authors such as Jacques Sternberg and his 188 contes à régler [188 Tales on Account] (1988), Clémence Seilles imagines a disenchanted future, a vague zone in which the consequences and echoes of the present resonate.
Curated by Rebecca Lamarche vadel
Paris 27.02 - 04.04.2013

Interview with Rebecca Lamarche-vadel
fiction text in short novels
photography credits: Aurélien Mole