Bassin ouvert, Galeria Museum Arge/Kunst Bolzano Bolzano, It
Curated by Emanuele Guidi
Bolzano 16.05.15 - 01.08.15

Bassin ouvert
exhibition introduction text by emanuele Guidi
Building on a background in product design, Seilles’ artistic practice explores the tools, materials and ‘expositive mechanisms’ that constitute the dispostif of the art exhibition as a space of presentation, communication and legitimation. Having previously worked on the sculptural aspects of plinths and seats as elements of support, Seilles’ current work focuses on the construction of scenarios that facilitate collective, productive and performative situations. From the planning of salons decked out with furniture and accessories to the construction of recording studios for independent musicians complete with musical instruments designed by Seilles herself, these scenarios are a means of reflecting on the social rituals of the encounter and the event.

Bassin ouvert, Seilles’ intervention in the spaces of ar/ge kunst, expands the scope of her current research. A bassin in the proper sense is an artificial pond generally found in public and private courtyards and gardens, mainly in the Mediterranean countries. In this case, as the title suggests, it is an ‘open’ architectural element; it can function as a pure ornament, a fountain, a water source, or a sort of health spa and wellness centre. But its ultimate aim is achieved through the presence of water, creating an associative, hybrid, (re)generative milieu. This ‘object’ proposes functions and modes of operation that differ from those of the institution. Moving from scenography to a fluid form of support over the course of the exhibition, the bassin will actively foster and adapt itself to various forms of encounter as its possible uses are redefined from time to time by the artists, musicians, students and choreographers who gather here.

Bassin ouvert sees the contribution by artists Deborah Bowman for the swimming towel collection, Laure Jaffuel for the towel rack and Theo Demans for the sound system.

Clemence Seilles has invited artists Estrid Lutz, Emile Mold and Theo Demans to perform An Extra Collision during the opening (15 May, 8 pm).