Autoprogettazione revisited
AA school of architecture- London-October 2009

Autoprogettazione by Enzo Mari
In 1974, at the Galleria Milano, Enzo Mari exhibited a collection of wooden furniture entitled Autoprogettazione, which translates as 'self design.' Enzo Mari distributed a free catalogue at the exhibition with detailed instructions for constructing these simple furniture pieces using standardized wooden planks and nails. The catalogue marked a dramatic attempt on Mari's part to reconnect the consumer with the direct experience, construction and understanding of their lived environment.

Auto-deproduction part of the show Auto-progettazione revisited organised at the AA in London.
To celebrate the death and therefore life of all things and beings; sent away in a universal container lying on a bed of fire wood, floating on the water, set a light by a thrown bottle of flaming spirit.
Collaboration Travis Broussard, Clemence Seilles

Creating what you eat: a table with standardised food elements is set up ready for assembly before consumption. With no systematic guidlines or diagrams the elements are freely assembled in palm-scaled hors d'oeuvre, each piece experimenting with taste as much as with form. The compositions are then photographed, documented and instantly printed as a reference for future re-creation. Reverse Autoprogettazione
collaboration Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad/Clemence Seilles

Palm-scaled hors d Funeral raft Instant photography studio