Stromboli - 1
Galerie des Galeries squatting.

Stromboli are sunglasses series developed on demand for an event, a situation, a site.
Each series explores a different effect, material, technique, colors, design and mood.
Always around a strong feeling for effects, style, minerals and colors/pattern related, Stromboli are opportunists, strong, and short. Sometimes the technique allows the object only to live for a few hours, the time of an impression to make on people. Bombing accessories, they become subject of curiosity during a guerilla presentation within a chic parisian art opening, for example.
For this first series, in a secret hand-molded mix material, the first sun-glasses were distributed without permission, within the opening of a friend, Maroussia Rebecq, at the Galerie des galeries in Paris, in september 2012.

galerie des galeries