Mash potatoe turds in blind pockets.

A lovely turd
by Marc Bretillot
Blue, green, pink, all colours: mashed potato, what a surprise in the pochette!
The potato, unjustly maligned, is, because of its neutrality, an absolutely texture ideal for a range of different preparations. A real and a true sponge, a polymorphous material suitable for all intents. And the intent is what prevails, what we do, what tale to tell and to whom, resist, commit oneself, excel, survive, die?...
Food is a wonderful support for expressing onself and taking to others. The study project, without any direct commercial application, narrates its author, Clemence Seilles, her relationship with food - or with life - prankster, playful and generous: large opulent portions, festive ergonomics stained with childhood, a simple gesture made without gush and derision to face more profound matters.
What? An amusement park sweet? A rococo decoration of a virtuous confectioner?
A multicoloured turd? Wouldn't life be beautiful if we shit rainbows? And then, it is unanimously good. I do not know anymore who doesn't like mashed potato! At any age, at the beginning and in hte end, without teeth, in the middle, with plenty of a comforting balsam in the mouth.
Funambulatory agreements are magnificent, improbable, prestigious: a product that comes from the other side of the world tuned acutely to another, directly from the sole producer on an exceptional land. Hedonism that finds its fever pitch in rarity. But fill your belly every day with Beluga or enervated chicken cooked in three bouillons, filled with roasted Papuan seeds, accompanied by an emulsion of deep-sea cuttlefish served lukewarm...and you'll see...The mashed potato is endless, a lazy and sweet satisfaction that never changes.
Clemence, in the difficult tone of daily things, reawakens our consomption through surprise, play and colours; with her insolence she interrogates the food cycle notion but without ostentation.
Daniel Spoerri (who knows a lot about eating...) commissioned a film entitled La resurrection (1969): from the cow to shit the othe way around, meaning from shit to the cow, passing through digestion, consumption and the preparation of a steak, butchering, animal husbandry...
Bodinos is an example of what can be produced by the intervention of a designer author who presents a singular vision of his before marketing pokes its finger in, laying down the law and telling him where to deposit his creative participation in modernity...