Mortal recordings #2
movie sound-tracks

Mortal recordings, la villette,festival 100%, Paris, Fr
Paris 25.03.16 - 10.04.16

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some raw recordings can be found on mortal recordings soundcloud account:

“Mortal Recordings” is a music salon concept invented by Clemence Seilles and Theo Demans. Functional and ideal for composition, music recording and performing purposes, between a working space and a performing stage, "mortal recordings" gathers its team of musicians, amateurs and visual artists to come and compose, play, danse, and perform for a public, while it's all being recorded on digital datas.
For this second eddition, mortal recordings team emphasized on musicalises artists movies by Theo Demans, Egon Elliut, Charles Benjamin, Emilie Pishcheda, Clemence Seilles and Elisa Valenzuela, which results were on view in the little cinema room directly neighbouring the music salon during the festival 100%.
All elements which compose the set has been designed by Clemence and Theo, such as: speakers, acoustic panels and walls, floor, sofa, lightings, room dividers, part of musical instruments and a few others poetic pieces.

Among the team of Mortal recordings, we find: Joseph Marzolla (FR), Emilie Pischedda (FR), Estrid Lutz (FR), Theo Wong (FR), Egon Elliut (AU), Charles Benjamin (UK), Daniel Assayag (FR), Juliet Aaltonen (UK), Richard Watson (UK), Jerome Shapiro (UK), Raf (FR), le couze (FR), Sandra Berrebi (FR).

Photography and poster credits: Elisa Valenzuela.