Universal studio
, Galerie Torri, Paris, Fr
Galerie Torri

Universal is a complete recording structure open to the public for musical instruments and listening. Acoustic panels and props has been designed by Clemence to construct the space. Mobile acoustic panels inspired from the 1960's Olympic studios in London, can be disposed around the musician(s) and in the room to optimise the recording, as much as the listening experience. For the whole running period of the show, Universal is receiving musicians at the studio. Clemence looked for musicians of traditional instruments and artists who make their own instruments to contribute with their repertoire. It has been no directions to lead the musicians, but rather an attitude of accompanying the musicians with the instruments of the studio: Clemence has gathered a collection of traditional instruments and produced a collection of musical bows with the help of designer Travis Broussard. A few instruments from the collection "la vie est un songe" has been brought to the studio as well. Egon Elliut and Charles Benjamin produced 2 analog reverb filters, by this way giving a "colour" to the recordings.
Artists Joseph Marzolla, Egon Elliut and Charles Benjamin actively supported the rolling of the recording studio, as welcoming and accompanying the various musicians and artists Universal studio has host for all the Universal takes. Clemence Seilles invited among the large range of artists intervention inUniversal studio sees the contribution by artists Joseph Marzolla for the swimming towel collection, Laure Jaffuel for the towel rack and Theo Demans for the sound system
Marseille 17.05.15 - 21.06.15
photography credits: Claire Dorn