Palais de Tokyo

In 2013, the Palais de Tokyo’s creative laboratory—invited Shuho, ikebana master and head of the Ginkaku Jisho-ji Kenshu Dojo in Kyoto to propose a series of meetings in France and Japan bringing together traditional practices and the contemporary arts.
Clemence proposed musicalAccompagnementsfor ikebana ceremony of master Shuho in the exhibition spaces. Out of the ceremony moments, a ready to play arrangement of instruments produced or transformed by Clemence was left on display for visitor to play. A 20mins play was performed 2 times on the opening night, together with artists Joseph Marzolla, Theodore Fivel, Daniel Assayag, Anouk Kruithof and Alban Dias for the opening night.

Paris 06.06 - 13.07.2014

100 ans plus tard
Curated by Gallien Déjean